Thursday, June 23, 2005


7:05 Check email for note.

7:35 Check email for word from agency.

7:47 Check email again in case I glanced too quickly.

8:12 Look just one more time just to be sure.

8:38 Surf other adoption sites, look at baby pictures.

8:46 Consider writing email to adoption rep.

9:14 Google for baby gear

9:22 Congratulate self for not checking email.

9:23 Check email.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Baby Gear'd

The great stroller decision has been made. The crib has been ordered. The nursery has been painted. Diaper bag has been bought.


Now we're just waiting for junior. It's strange how you have to make all these decisions without quite knowing how you are going to use them or what will be needed. Like a diaper bag, how the hell do I know how big of a bag I'm going to need? We shall see, young Skywalker.