Friday, July 11, 2008

Swing Swang Swung

Last weekend, I was at a playground with E and there were 3 girls playing, I think they said their ages were 5, 6, and 8 and no parent was around. E was in the bucket swing and the 5 year old asked the 6 year old to put her in the other bucket swing (keep in mind, she's a big five like a littel Jennifer Hudson and I was a bit worried about whole idea.) Five did the swing thing for a while and then asked me to get her out. Eh, I thought ok, the whole situation was a bit odd but alright. I grab her under her arms and puuuuuuuulll. She's stuck. Her thighs won't come out of the leg openings. I pull again telling her you need to hold the swing. She's doing the kid thing of going sort of limp which is the opposite of helpful when removing a small adult from a child swing. At this point, I'm like "why are you in this baby swing? You really need to reconsider this next time."

After four tries of yanking on her, the 8yo runs over to get the mother..... who has been sitting in her car eating all this time just watching me stretch her daughter. As she strolls over five immediately begins to lie. "6yo wanted to put me in the swing but I didn't want to go." I pick up E and quickly leave the scene of the crime.