Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Things upon which I bestow thanks:

my husband's hug after the first snooze button hit
my son's laugh when it gets out of control and he can't stop
Hugh Jackman
the Ting-Tings, Mates of State, Jack Johnson, Lisa Loeb's kid's music
sarah connor chronicles
Randy getting voted out on Survivor
a president who inspires
Costa Rica
Paul Rudd
christmas lights
cinnamon hazelnut coffee
having a job
the day after thanksgiving when all the work is done and you can just relax
the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fish Murder

I've been setting up a tropical fish tank and along the way I've learned some valuable lessons.

Do not put Gourami and little tetras in the same tank. In the space of a day and a half all five of my cute little guys have disappeared. I'm now looking at this large silvery murderer happily swimming around my beautiful tank. I've never wished death upon a fish before but now I'm rethinking my fish position.