Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry X-mas to all!

We're doing Christmas at our house this year so there will be much frenetic cleaning happening in the next 24 hours. I still haven't even finished wrapping all the presents yet either. I'm so excited about this holiday. I can't wait to see E unwrapping all those gifts and he's got lots to unwrap too. The gift order will go something like this E, E, E, E, E daddy, E, E, E, E, E, pappa, E, E, E... I'll be glad to get some new gifts as well. My enthusiasm for the old toys is really waning.

So, here's my Christmas wish to all of you. May your holidays be joyous and the new year prosperous. Peace to you and yours my friends. Mwah!

photo by me!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The internet is full of all sorts of useful applications:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why I love Takoma Park

Image from the Fourth of July Parade:

Street sign:

Trombone Quartet at gazebo:

photos by flickr user takomabibelot

Friday, December 14, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

Being a parent has pushed me into trying, experiencing new things. Some are things I never dreamed even existed. Some involve messes in places I never even dreamed possible and some are joys that I didn't know were even in the realm of possibility.

E woke up last night from either a coughing jag or a nightmare I don't know. I think as parents we're always tired because we operate with this hyper-alertness that in my case even extends to sleep. Little noises can wake me and trigger a house scan to make sure everyone is where they should be and everyone is safe. E's cries weren't subsiding so I went into his room to calm him down. I rubbed his back as he drifted back to sleep and it hit me how simple and powerful this was. This ability to soothe and take care of your child is almost primal and instinctive and it filled me with peace.

Another first, I made cookies for the school's holiday party. A local singer had come and everyone spread out blankets to hear songs both holiday and toddler-friendly. Picture a room of parents and 30+ kids with singing and dancing. The little ones can't control themselves they have to move, they have to jump, they have to dance. I never imagined that I would find this relaxing but then again I never thought I'd be able to drive on the Beltway either.

At first E is bouncing around the room but the lateness of the hour brings him back to me. L tiptoes in late and E squeals in delight reverting it seems back to infant joy. This is my idea of staying out late now. The two-year-olds have staggered back to their parents' arms as the 3's and 4's keep bouncing away til last call. E's in my lap and L is leaning against me as the lights come back up. It's 7 pm and it feels like 4 am on a Saturday. Now at least when a friend tells me about going clubbing I can now answer yeah, I went out dancing too and it was the best time I've ever had.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Known when to say when

If you only see one youtube video about drunk monkeys, this should be it:

I'm so shallow. The monkeys falling over completely toasted around 2:45 is highlarious.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The crying, the stitch, and my wardrobe.

I run over to Target at lunch to pick up a couple Christmas presents and when I get back into the driver's seat I notice something. What's that? Oh my. My pants have split right at the crotch. The seam has just unravelled exposing my calvin's to the world. I don't remember that being there this morning when I pulled them up. Of course I'm half asleep when I dress so it's likely I just missed it.

I'm thinking back to this morning when I was talking to my co-workers and I was probably sitting with knees apart. Did they notice? I've only been here less than 4 months so would they be comfortable enough to say hey, you're flashing.

Two months ago I was getting something behind my desk and the corner of my cargo pant pocket caught and ripped a perfect line in the front of my pant. I was wearing boxer briefs at the time and there they were. So this makes 2 underwear flashing incidents in a new office in the span of three and a half months. I had to tell my office mate about the front rip because it was so apparent. I may have to let this one slide and simply sit demurely through the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ho, Ho... Ho?

I don't know why it didn't occur to me before but as we raced through the mall to finish up our shopping we came across the elaborate Christmas Land display in the intersection of the corridors. I hate malls and I hate all the faux holiday cheer. Oh yes Macy's I'm sure you're wishing me a Merry Christmas from your truly altruistic nature.... and yet... The big tacky showy Santa spectacles fill my heart with joy. It's so disjointed, like coming across a Hawaiian Luau in the middle of parking lot.

The songs were playing the fake snow was flying through the air and there sits Santa. This was a good Santa too. The beard and the belly was real and he had just the right touch of joviality. The looping tape wished us Happy Holidays in a variety of accents. Little dioramas showed us Christmas scenes across the world. Look the little pagoda has xmas lights strung across its pointy roof.

As we approach Santa I prepare to give my speech, "It's OK E I'll be right here for you. Santa just wants to find out what you want for Christmas," I rehearse. I let go of E's hand and he runs up to Santa. Uuuuh. OK he's lifting him onto his lap, here comes the breakdown.... and nothing. Santa looks at me, "Daddy you need to back up behind the camera."

"Uuuuh Ok, I was just you know, he's uh. OK. I'll be back here."
The elf has already whispered his name to Santa so he cuts right to the chase. "So, E what would you like for Christmas?"

E looks at him and with complete confidence states, "I had eggs and toast for breakfast."

whew, he still needs me. This year's list will be easy to take care of.