Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy birthday little turtle

Happy Birthday E! You're one today!

The day that I first held you will probably be the best day of my life. You were such a tiny little thing and I was so nervous, afraid that I was going to hurt you. One of the nannies handed you over to me and she was confident and I think a little amused at my fear. So you looked up at me and grinned that mischievous little smile and my heart grew like the grinch at xmas.

I’ve watched you learn to crawl, take your first bite of peas, take your first step, laugh when I tickle you, hug you when you were sick all night, and chased you around a playground.

I don’t know what happens next but I know you’ve made me a better person and I’ll do my best to protect you, care for you and love you.



Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Turtle!

Steve S said...

Happy Birthday to the little one!

Green Dads said...

Happy Belated Birthday E!