Monday, July 16, 2007

Red, Red Whine

What is it about the beach that renews us and recharges us? Does the sound of the ocean awaken some primordial, instinctive pleasure? We’d start the day with a leisurely breakfast and then head to the beach for a few hours until lunch beckoned. After a nice long nap we’d wake and stumble into town for a little browsing, dinner and then home to crash. It was a week of warm sun, frozen drinks, sand castles, and toy boats. It was heaven.

I love the rich dessert of Rehoboth with the giddy kids, the grandparents and the gays as the icing on top. That’s a terrible mess of a metaphor. Eh. Whatever. I’ll let it sit there.

We came home to catch up on all our bad tv. We are addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef. I hope I’m not losing some valuable thinking um part of the brain as I spend more time in children’s literature and constant vigilance.

The vacation was a nice recharge and I need to figure out some way to hold onto that relaxed state even as E drives me insane. I was worried how it all might go a week together with no breaks but it was great, no problems. Relaxed and on the beach even L was talking about E2.

It’s amazing what a margarita and a little sun can do.


g-man said...

I think it is the naps at the beach that do the recharging (for me anyway)

RIC said...

What a great week it seems to have been, dear Brian!
How couldn't E drive you insane?! Would he still be a child if he didn't? I believe that's the best of it all!
Hugs! :-)

Cooper said...

I couldn't have said it better! Our little beach holiday was also a time of renewal and complete "letting go", despite the fact that you obviously had much better weather than we did.

E2, eh? That's awesome. Twice the insanity, and twice the joy.

TigerYogi said...

I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful time! :)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Ah yes...

so glad you're back safe and sound.