Friday, August 31, 2007

All the boys say...

I don’t remember playing No Doubt’s Hey Baby to E but somehow it’s become stuck in his wonderful jangly head. At odd moments he’ll start singing “Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey! Girls say, Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey!” It’s hysterical. Fortunately he stops at the chorus.

I still can’t remember saying it. Perhaps I sing it without knowledge and like my oy’s and dude’s he’s picked it up there.

Could be worse, I have been known to sing a Missy Elliot now and then.


TigerYogi said...

As the old saying goes; "Little pictures have big ears"! ;)

Yondalla said...

Sometimes you don't know what you say until you hear the echo.

When Andrew was three or four he came running over to show me something. I was lying on the sofa and had put my glasses on the floor. He almost stepped on them, but I snatched them up quickly.

"Oh, Mama. You should not have left your glasses on the floor."

"I know sweetie."

" learned something, didn't you?"

Dan said...

Kids see and hear *everything* on a scary level. One of Jaysens first words was "shit" after Mummy fell off a chair and swore.

Highly amusing ;)

Tam is currently into "Butt"

Nothing better than little ones learning to sing - nurture it - maybe you'll have the next Justin Timberlake :)

gayborhood gringo said...

wow...i'm gone for just a few months and he's already singing songs. how cute!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

heee heeee heeee...