Friday, August 08, 2008

The most important meal of the day

Most days I have cereal for breakfast here at work so I pick up my bowl and look at the bottom and think hmm that's curious it looks like honey. So I dip my finger in and taste it. Gak! What is that? It tastes kind of bitter so what do I do? I think I'll just swallow (no jokes plz). HOLY MOTHER it freakin burns! Then I realize it's dishwashing soap that I put in the bowl but forget to wash out yesterday afternoon.

Now I've got this chemical burn in my throat that is wafting up into my nostrils. This is a foul, foul taste and smell. I get up to go to the bathroom and then a wave of nausea hits me. I look around quickly weighing my vomiting options, trash can seems like the idea. I start to retch but fortunately nothing comes up. I cough/stagger to the bathroom and start sucking in water and spitting it out and gargling trying to get this taste out of my mouth.

So, now I sit here with what feels like a burn in the back of my throat, constantly having to clear throat and swallowing....

and I've got a headache. Fortunately the office is mostly empty now and I'll pretend like nothing happened.

How was your morning?

1 comment:

TigerYogiji said...

Better than yours was, Hon!

Maybe you should switch to one of those natural dish detergents just in case this happens to you again!