Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tamales in the mf'ing white house

I was watching the HGTV White House Xmas Special (yes, I am THAT gay) and the designers were complimenting Mz. Bush on her selection of red, white, and blue for the white house decorations and I'm thinking could a first lady BE any more lazy?

She merely had to flop her gin-soaked head to one side, look at a flag and slur "Red, white, and blue." The garland was festooned with silver eagles. Silver Eagles! WTF? That's not Christmasy. On Christmas Eve they have their Texas traditional tamales. Tamales! The Bushes aren't Texan or Mexican, but I'm guessing the WH chefs balked at pigs in a blanket.

Then today I saw on CNN they were showing Laura next to Michelle Obama and it just made me so happy all over again to know that we'll have a talented gorgeous un-Joker like lady in the White House... and you can bet she won't be picking red, white and blue and tamales next year.


Suzy said...

I am not a Bush fan under any circumstances, but Tamales and/or other Mexican food dishes are a very Texas tradition for Christmas Eve - and a delicious one at that. But we would rather not claim or re-claim the Bushes as Texans either


Yondalla said...

Okay, Suzy said it, but I have to say it any part of the country with a significant Mexican American population tamales are eaten by a large number of people for Christmas. Bush was governor of Texas. He might not be Texan in some other senses, but he was their governor and that he took a Christmas tradition of one of the most oppressed people of his state and made it his own is a good thing.

Although the red, white and blue thing is immensely tacky.

Oh, and if you ever have an opportunity to eat tamales made by someone who learned to make them at home -- don't miss it.

Yondalla said...

And sorry I haven't commenting for so long only to say something critical.

Daddy Cool said...

I'm all about the blending of cultures and love traditions. However, the Bushes are as Texan as the Clintons are New York.

The whole conversation had an imperialistic air. Imagine the queen talking about eating samosas on Christmas eve.

Like the affected cowboy hat I haven't seen the embrace of the latino culture manifested in any other form. Making it easier for your gardener to work in Dallas doesn't translate to a support of worker's rights.

Picking Hilda Solis, now that's real change.

No worries Yondalla : )

Daddy Cool said...

oh and Hi Suzy!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Awww... I love Laura Bush...

and I couldn't be more sick over Obama being in Office.