Friday, April 06, 2007

The language of life

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I was worried about hubs more than me. I warned him you have to watch it around L, he’s like a little sponge these days.

I was in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready, E was playing on the floor, and Nemo was one more obstacle maneuvering his way into my path like a large brown wall. Turning around again to find Nemo in my way, it came out like a little pressure release valve. I then hear this little voice behind me. “Dammit!” Don’t react. Keep moving. Sing a little song. Whew. It could have been much worse that’s for sure.

I thought his first naughty word happened back in March. For a while we thought he was saying Dummy. There was such purpose to the word we knew it was something. Both of us were tensing up thinking where did this come from? It was a week later before we realized it was a kid’s name in his class.

We’re working on more positive phrases too. He’s becoming a very expressive child, which is wonderful when it’s used for the power of good. Of course he has to keep us guessing too.

“Do you love Daddy?”

“I love Daddy.”

“Do you love Papa?”

“ I love Papa.” Aaaaw. How about Nemo?

“Do you love Nemo?“

“I love Nemo.”

Two beats later, unprompted we hear.

“I love TV.”

Yes, you are indeed my son.


BriteYellowGun said...

So you guys are "Daddy" and "Papa"? We are Daddy and "Other Daddy" which we both found hilarious but almost three years later, it has stuck.

gayborhood gringo said...

he'll be calling TV "other daddy" soon enough. :)

Steve said...

If he starts saying "I love Sajaya" I will never read this blog again.

We're daddy and pop-pop.

Yondalla said...

Andrew's first swear word was, "Ssshhhh....." Actually just that one sound. Very often he heard me start to say something else and then just hold there. He seemed to be very proud of his naughty word.

Terri said...

Wow... E's much more advanced than my little GooMan...
(Matthew will be two next month.. but he is 21 months "adjusted.")

He only say's "dee dee" for doggie and "mee mee" for Aimie...
that's it.... we're working w/ speech therapist and a feeding specialist...

Dear friends of ours have two children...
one is Mommy and one is Ma Ma...
I thought that was cute!

Minge said...

Is that TV as in television?


The Brian said...

byg, yup daddy and papa. I know other families with "other daddies" too.

GG, do you want a timeout?

Steve, ha. no fear there.

yondalla, ha that's hysterical.

terri, you'll be hitting a language explosion soon. Something just triggers and they start yapping away.

Minge, aye. I hadn't really thought about the TV's presence until E came along. It's more of a presence than I realized.

Cooper said...

That is just so cute! I've been reading up on Language development (and everything else). I'm not sure what a 14 month old should be saying, but mine doesn't appear to say anything except for Ba which could mean either bottle or bye bye. He does use a lot of language sounds and babble, though. The almost 5 year old also interprets everything for him.

TigerYogi said...

Too cute! :)

The Brian said...

cooper, language development is fascinating. Hearing E pick up and modify words and create sentences is so cool.

Hi tigeryo, nice to meet you.