Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, that's a nightmare

Quick update:

You can never plan for illness or car repair. Sunday morning it hit me with vengeance. My stomach started cramping up and I lost it all. At first I thought it was food poisoning but then when L picked it up I knew it was more. This was the first time I’ve ever had the stomach flu. It’s a nasty little monster. After 3 days I was able to eat some toast and a bit of rice yesterday.

My big fear is that I’ll pass it on to E. I’m trying to keep my hands washed and watch his food preparation. So far, he’s faring ok. I hate being sick. It certainly gives you new appreciation for your bodily functions. Oh, so that’s what my intestines have been doing all these years.

Happy health you all


Stepping Over the Junk said...

GET USED TO IT! Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, I get whatever she gets from whatever is being passed around the 400 kids in her school. It's hard, cause I'm always kissing my kids!

gayborhood gringo said...

A co-worker gave me the stomach flu a few years ago. It was her first day back after being off the previous 3 days due to the illness. I was walking past her desk and she stopped me so she could give me some papers. Before picking them up, though, she coughed into her hand. With the same hand she had just finished coughing in, she snatched up the papers and thrust them in my direction.

Luckily, I had my hands full and had her place them on top of what I was already carrying. Unfortunately, when I was a mere 5 feet away from my desk, the stack started to slide and I had to grab the top to prevent papers from going everywhere. I touched the papers.

I made myself finish work, but couldn't keep it down on my drive home. I had to pull to the side of the road. It ended my nearly 13 year vomit-free streak.

Thankfully, karma came around and bit her in the ass. She was fired a few days later. Alright, that's enough of my rambling.

Hope you are feeling better!

The Brian said...

SotJ, oh don't I know it. I love him to death but he's a little germ factory.

GG, then you know how miserable it is. I'm slowly regaining my eating. I branched out and had an egg today!

Mike said...

Oh yuck! Get well soon, Brian!

BriteYellowGun said...

I agree with SOTJ, get used to it! I used to be so healthy...I could get through an entire winter without so much as a cold but now, I'm sick from Oct. until March thanks to my little angels.

Doug said...

I remember gettin' the stomach flu during wrestling season. It was the best thing that ever happened to me when it came to cutting weight.

Hope you get well soon.