Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh the places you'll grow

I have to say the impatience/guilt combo is a unique emotional duo I haven’t experienced before parenting. E has perfected this unique mental torture game of saying “I’ll do it.” And then staring at you and then when you move to do it, he throws the fit down.

What is this about? Why don’t you do it? What is this test? The crying when you are told no makes sense but this staring at me after you say “I’ll do it.” …. What do you you gain? Arrrrgh.

He’s also learning to leap off the ottoman with wild abandon. It’s one of those parenting dilemmas. He’s an active kid so I’m all for any sort of physical activity that will tire him out without risking permanent bodily injury, but how much freedom do you free?

I had to tell our current daycare or school as we like to call it around the house that we’d be switching centers in August. I already feel bad about E losing his friends but I didn’t expect the reactions from the staff. I mean it’s wonderful that they care about him but I have to look at the long-term situation. E will be going to school with kids he’ll enter elementary school with and they’re all local families plus the new school is less than a mile from the house which means a quick commute for him.

Wouldn’t you know it that last week E had to go and tell one of his teachers that he loved them too. Oh little man you’re killing me. Save that adorableness for your new teachers! The teacher told me that after he told her “ I love you M.” she started to cry and he said “Don’t cry, M.” This may sound strange but I’m slowly becoming aware of E as his own person. I’d only been focused on what he was learning in school. Before last week, I hadn’t really thought about how he might be affecting other people too.

They say they want to have a going away party for E. Part of me hopes E won’t really understand what’s going on…. For my sake.


Yondalla said...

Oh the joys of toddlerdome.

Have fun.

Red7Eric said...

That's so cute. And hey ... nice to know that others love him, which is a sure sign that he'll always be okay in the world (and that he's being raised right!).