Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Game over, water boy

I've always hated Adam Sandler. Back when he was on Saturday Night Live he was just mildly annoying. I could fast forward through his bits to get to the good parts. His idea of a skit was Opera Guy? I mean come on. My son comes up with better routines tooting in the bathtub.

Then Chuck and Larry comes out. No I haven't seen it but I don't need to watch Hostel to know how bad that is either. In the preview the hot chick asks Chuck/Larry to feel her up. I can tell you that supermodels don't run up to me asking for body checks.

Now, I find out Sandler is contributing money to the Guiliani campaign. Sweet Jesus. I think it was Biden who pointed out that Guiliani thinks 9/11 is a verb. Congratulations Sandler you've out-douched yourself.

/ Rant over

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Kevin said...

You've got lots of company. I've despised that guy and his one-trick-pony routine for decades now. I've always wanted to slap him and say "Grow Up, idiot!"
I'll never understand who it was that told him he cute or funny?