Friday, January 18, 2008

Subtle Subtitle.

I came across this Japanese potty training video. I think this is what my blog should be about, sharing Japanese potty training videos with hysterical subtitles. Are those squat toilets common in Japan? Be afraid.


Cooper said...

I'm dying here!! That is hysterical! Can I borrow it for a blog post I'm planning? Please? lol

I have been reading potty training books, too. The Potty Elmo I bought for Matteo for Christmas has not been much of an inspiration. I don't think the fact that Elmo says this: "Oh-oh, Elmo didn't make it. That's okay. Elmo try again next time" ... is really all that helpful.

If you find a system that works, please share!

Daddy Cool said...

Sure, borrow away.

We're having some sucess in the potty area but it's not quite there yet. The adventure begins again tomorrow. Gas masks ready!

Bacchus said...

WTH!!! That is twisted and seriously funny. I showed it to Little Man and he looked at me like I was weird.

TigerYogiji said...

Somehow, I just can't believe that that is the actual English translation!

It is a cute video though!

And yes, that is still a fairly common style of toilet in Japan, although our western version is starting to catch on big time with all sorts of feature and add-on options!

FosterAbba said...

That is hysterical.

Daddy Cool said...

"that is still a fairly common style of toilet in Japan,"

Yikes! I don't think my trick knee would allow it. I'd be sitting on the floor.... not pretty.

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Daddy Cool said...

uuuh, okay