Friday, January 11, 2008


Hello all!

I'll be submitting my I-600a next week! Hopefully the approval will come 4 weeksish after that. The important thing is that paper is moving. I hate those still times when I'm waiting for someone else to finish something. I have one more document outstanding but at least I have other things that I can work on over the interim.

E's been fighting this cold all week so he's been waking up intermittenly coughing. He's fine during the day but the drainage really affects him. So, Daddy has not been getting a lot of sleep either. It's really wearing on me today. I'd put my head down on my desk right now if I thought I could get away with it.

Project Runway was terrible this week wasn't it? Still we have Rami. mrwor.


Bacchus said...

It was an awful episode. Most of those girls walked like linebackers in heels.

And I can't believe they got rid of Kevin and not Christian. I'm sorry both of their dresses were ugly. Kevin's dress looked ready for a brothel but I just don't see keeping that whiny boy Christian over a hot man! I mean really let's see big beefy furry man over a whiny boy with something about mary hair?

i hated the waiting stages too.

gayborhood gringo said...

everyone is getting sick and it seems to linger for a while. hope it doesn't w/ E, though.

as for PR, it wasn't as good as i would have liked, but then i can't really stand teenage girls. prom dresses aren't what i consider fashionable either. but yes, at least romi is still around. he's a little arrogant, but at least he delivers as a designer.

Cooper said...

Prom dresses are supposed to be ugly and trashy. It was a horrible episode. I almost threw a cushion at the TV. They are keeping Christian on purpose I think. He's all about the drama ... and he isn't going anywhere. And what about VictorYa? Yuck. I didn't like her dress either.

I hope E is feeling better, and his Daddy, too. You can put your head down on your desk. I give you permission.