Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friendly Skies

We got E a fisher-price airplane for Christmas. It's one of those Little People planes with various people going on vacation and a little pilot to fly the big plastic jet. He's really enjoyed it, putting all the people in and sending them to parties. He loves the parties.

He'll say the various phrases the plane cheerily spouts like "Ready for take-off!" and "Welcome aboard!" Well, one day he was walking around spouting something unusual. I asked him, "where did you get that?" He says "from the airplane."

I hunt down the plane and cycle through... listening carefully. Finally, I hear the culprit. "E, it says enjoy your flight, not enjoy your butt."


Bacchus said...

LOL In SF he could have learned that on a plane or heck walking down the street. LOL

Cooper said...

I think I prefer E's version!

TigerYogiji said...

LOL! I'm not saying a word. Not a single word... ;)

Rebecca said...

I love how they mishear stuff. My four year old daughter is convinced the words to London Bridge are "build it with iron and still". She'll fight you on it too.