Friday, March 07, 2008


Busy week here as I've started my new job. Also, we've finalized our vacation plans! Details to come.

If you have any keeping a toddler happy on an airplane tips I'd love to hear them.

Happy weekend everybody.


Steve said...

Video Ipod. The best thing EVER...given the fact you can't give kids liquor.

Bacchus said...

Video Ipod is a lifesaver. We also schedule our flights close to regular nap times. We also confess to using baby tylenol. It seemed to help him relax. Buying his own seat and not using a car seat was a godsend since it gave him some wiggle/nap room. Poor parents behind us had a squirming unhappy baby sitting in their lap the entire 5 hours! Just because you can't give the kids liquor doesn't mean Daddy shouldn't have some. LOL

Boo said...

His own little back pack with lots of little toys that are new to him. Things you know he will like but he doesn't know you bought for him. Also, books, snacks.

David said...

I'm laughing as I write this because when I was six, my parents stuck me in a seat between two ladies that were complete strangers. They dealt with me for the eleven hour flight. When we arrived in Tokyo, one liked me enough to sit with me during our layover. The other? Well... maybe her significant other was waiting for her.

I'd have to go with what boo said and bring the Tylenol for backup.

Daddy Cool said...

I'm downloading his shows right now, currently he's all about Word World so I'm stocking up on the shows and the toys (now at Target!).

Thanks for all the great tips. We upgraded to first class so the drinks are comin!