Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ciao, chow

I'm in the classic office space where the cubes face one other individual. I'm fluxing between positions and right now I'm in a sort of holding cel until my new space opens. What's all this about? Well, my office mate never eats. This normally would be a good thing, there's nothing worse than a noisy office eater... however...

I've become horribly self-aware of my own eating. I get to work at an ungodly hour and forgo breakfast until mid-morning. So, I sit here eating my oatmeal and he's over there Terminator-like in his unhealthy non-eating, work-focused attitude.

I have my pre-workout snack and he's still not eating, clacking away at his assignments. After gym, I'll eat lunch at my desk and still, I've observed no eating. I try to hold off but I have to snack around 3ish and nothing still. He's probably eating, I hope, something while I'm working out. It would really make me feel better if he'd just wait until I got back so I wouldn't feel all this food guilt.

How can he be so selfish?


TigerYogiji said...

That is strange. Maybe he goes out for lunch?

Offer him a cookie some time and see what he does with it... ;)

Daddy Cool said...

He's all healthy, I bet he'd turn his nose up at it.

Bacchus said...

Ugghhh those healthy people and their firm, muscular bodies. I scoff! He probably went out and ate a cheeseburger with onion rings. Life is so like that. LOL

Eat! Eat! Eat! Remember life is too short to worry about it.

Kapitano said...

Not eating is one thing. But being focused on work?! That's worrying.

It's like people who know all the words to the national anthem or make those silly pornstar noises during sex. They're like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers or the Stepford Wives.