Friday, January 30, 2009

Bunny fever

My how time flies when you're travelling, working like a small slightly hungry puppy and starting a diet.

YES, I'm dieting and I'm not happy that it's come to this but the distinct lack of exercise has resulted in a waistline expanding like the deficit. There are only so many things that you can do with a salad and a list of healthy vegetables. I'm trying different combinations:

Lettuce with radish and snow pea
Spinach with radish and sprouts
Spinach with sprouts and cucumbers
spinach with lettuce and snow pea

repeat over and over and over

Curse this metabolism and my lack of willpower


TigerYogiji said...

It sounds ghastly! Good luck, Hon!

Daddy Cool said...

It is ghastly! But it's working dammit and so it continues.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I just had a thyroid test to see what is going on....I can't lose weight....

I will find out tomorrow..

Just curious how you feel Obama is doing? As you are a supporter...

I am completely upset over this spending and us moving towards total socialism.

As a mom of a medically fragile kid, I am terrified of socialized medicine... and the reduction of medical research.

Daddy Cool said...

oh no! Sorry about the thyroid issue. Is it treatable?

We'll never get to total socialism, that's just a big scare tactic being used by the conservative media. Government grew vastly under Bush but no one called that socialism. We've spent countless millions in Iraq but no one called that socialism.

If we do nothing we are screwed. It's going to take bold action to reverse our course from hitting that iceberg up ahead.