Wednesday, June 28, 2006

E has become much more talkative of late but it’s complete jibberish. It’s pretty fun listening to him carry on while saying absolutely nothing with complete certainty. He’s also pointing now but with his entire hand, fingers splayed. Buses and trains are incredibly exciting too.

Babies are adorable but wow there’s a lot of shit involved (literally) with little reward. I’m ready for talking and interaction. Yes, yes, I know the standard response that once they start talking they never stop but right now he’s a little mystery to me. The kid has such strong opinions too. We had our first argument last night I think. It consisted of him throwing things and slapping and me saying no a lot. The latin temper is real I think and I’ve surrounded myself with it.

Dios mio.


Minge said...

What was the argument over?

The Brian said...

I'm not exactly sure. It started with not being able to pull a chatter telephone pull toy on his own and then just escalated into an attitude showdown.

Minge said...

As long as you weren't arguing over lipstick. It's a bit early for that.