Friday, June 09, 2006

Slap Happy

Chatting with some parents at the park I notice E walking over to greet another child sitting in his stroller. Aaaw how cute I think, he’s going to say hi. E then raises his hand and slaps the hell out of the little kid. The slapee’s mom rushes over to push E back saying something like “I’ll let daddy take care of you until you hit my child.” This seems totally reasonable and understandable. If I’d known he was going to whack your kid I would have intervened I promise. The other kid was 2.5 to E’s 13 months so I figured she must be able to defend herself.

Of course later that evening this triggered a novella of internal dialogue about how did I raise an abuser? Where did this violence come from? Fast forward a few days later and daycare tells me “he’s been hitting other kids.” I promise them that I’m working on it and I don’t know where he got it. Inner voice: well there was that high five game you were trying last week.

Sob. Well at least he’s not biting.

Uh-oh. He’ll probably be biting next week.


Steve S said...


Luckily we didn't encounter that, Kristin's not much of a hitter, but she has done it a few times.

In her case, I think it was because she didn't know what else to do, how else to release emotion. It would always be at times of extreme happiness or excitement and she would just get this rush of adreneline and have to release it somehow.

Just wait, it only gets better. Now she's picked up from preschool how to lie, and she's learned how to hide things. She got red ink all over the bathroom sink handle and she figured out how to twist the handle around so the ink is on the 'backside' where you can't see it.

The Brian said...

ah yes.

Well he's already figured out the fake crying bit so that's not far off. heh.