Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It’s fascinating to watch E’s development into personhood. Different little facets of his personality are coming forward like his love for Elmo. There must be some kind of strong voodoo with Elmo because as I talk to other parents it seems that all kids go through an Elmo stage.

Dinnertime is interesting now... E has learned how to feed our dog Nemo. If he’s in his chair and doesn’t like what he’s eating he’ll hold it out and call the dog over. Nemo of course quickly figured this one out and the 2 have formed a nefarious partnership. We’ve had to ban the big guy from the dining room.

It appears that everything in the house is becoming E’s. All sorts of objects, the tv remotes, my jacket, the lamp are becoming “Mine!” He points to it or grabs the object in question and lets you know whose it is. We’re working on ownership especially in regards to the remotes. He grabs it and runs from the room with a giggle. The little guy can run fast now too. Ah well reality sets in soon enough. For now, the world is yours, just let me change the freakin channel.


BriteYellowGun said...

Hmmm..actually none of our kids came with any Elmo Paraphernalia when I think about it. Then again, they were living in serious poverty too.

LOL over the remote thing!

Richard said...

I hate Elmo ...

... when my oldest turned two, we slaved over a homemade cake in the shape of Elmo's face - complete with big cupcake eyes. When she looked at it, there was no sign of recognition!

... actually, Elmo is pretty darned cute. I love when he sings "Hold your hand" with Hootie!

Minge said...


RIC said...

«I, me, myself, my, and mine.» The whole series... On one side, grammar at work; on the other, the fascinating discovery of the world.
And you put it to words quite well, Brian! Thank you! All the best for you all! :-)

Green Dads said...

Hey Brian,

Just wait until the first time he says "why?"

There's an amazing developmental transition, and you won't here the end of it for a very long time.

The Brian said...

BYG, I've decided to just give in to the Elmo takeover. No use fighting it.

Green dads, good to see you!