Friday, October 13, 2006

Road to Runway

I think Tim's house visits are my favorite part of the Project Runway season. It's fascinating to see how the designers work and where they come from. You get much less of the fronting and more of the individuals.

You know I used to think having a nanny was this big deal but once you've priced out daycare centers, it really isn't that much of a price differential. They should have given Laura's nanny at least a second of screen time. The living room redesign for Laura's boys was a smart way to handle the destructive force of kids that age. I liked the dresses she showed. I don't think it is enough for her to win but it might make sense for her potential niche post Runway.

Perhaps I blacked it out but I never noticed that Jeffrey has a mullet. Thank god for Harrison he seems to be the only sane one in that family. I was inspired by Japanese horror comics. Whatever. It's the same tattered, sloppy sh*t you've been showing all season. Like Laura I'm highly skeptical that he did all that work by himself. We saw the freakin clothes factory he has in his assembly plant, er, studio.

I confess I haven't been a big Michael fan with the whore comment and the I'm not gay mea culpa's but the bit with his family was really sweet. That said the pieces we previewed were horrorific and not what I expected from him.

Uli's backstory was very interesting. I didn't see enough of her collection to make an opinion. The little glimpses were interesting. She may be the dark german horse.

I would love love to see a Laura win. She's fabulous. In the end though I'd be happy with anyone but Jeffrey.


Mark said...


So does your significant other like Project Runway, because if I have it on mine runs out of the room screaming (so much for being gay)......I love the show. I love it that they have some real backbiting characters......and I agree with you, anyone but Jeffery. Besides I always feels his stuff looks so "trashy".

How is E?


The Brian said...

Mark, L does indeed love PR. Fortunately we overlap on most shows. Well thankfully Battestar Galactica came along. I could never get into Star Trek.

E is wonderful. He's discovered climbing. Have I mentioned this here? My stories are overlapping. Anyway, he's discovered that he can use his toys to climb onto virtually anything. It's terribly exciting.

Steve said...

I like those episodes as well. I want Laura or Uli to win.

Jeffery's a jerk but some reason I'm totally attracted to him.

Weird, I know.

The Brian said...

"Jeffery's a jerk but some reason I'm totally attracted to him. "

Sharing time is over.

Bacchus said...

Jeffrey's work is that rehashed punk fashion that was hot in the 80's. He has the same problem as Laura, they can't design outside of their comfort zone.

I'm rooting for Michael or Laura.

We have a PR dinner night with friends. One is a designer who is trying out next year!! If she makes it on I'll let you know.

silent songster said...

I'm with Brian - I'd be happy for anyone but Jeffrey to win. That includes Laura - she's just damn elegant and I think she will do well afterwards, win or not. It might even be best for the show if she did win for tha reason; her success would link the show with success. Have either of the other two winners actually succeeded yet in becoming Amercia's next great designer?

Steve said...

"Sharing time is over."

I nearly peed my pants when I read that.

BriteYellowGun said...

Not to be the bearer of bad news but in case you didn't see the copy of Entertainment Weekly that came out post-NY fashion week...Jeffrey's clothes were the hit of the show. Not sure if that means he will win or not but it's a scary premonition. I have disliked him almost from the start and found most of his "rock star" fashion to be trite and unwearable by your average person on the street. EW also said Michael's collection was a bomb and that Laura did the same things over and over...sequins and feathers. Uli's just sounded average.

gayborhood gringo said...

The wait is killing me. I want Michael or Laura to win, but that doesn't mean that I don't like Uli. As for Jeffrey's designs, I don't think they were that the very least, they are better than what he presented for the other challenges. Then again, that could have something to do w/ having a little bit of help.

Speaking of, I think that if it is bad news for Jeffrey that they will let him show (because he has, I've seen the pictures) to cover up, until the finale, that he will be disqualified.

The Brian said...

Gawd what an awful conclusion.