Thursday, February 22, 2007


Prince Harry to be sent to Iraq

LONDON - Prince Harry, the third-in-line to the British throne, will be deployed to Iraq, the Ministry of Defense said Thursday.


Blair announces Iraq troops cut

Some 1,600 British troops will return from Iraq within the next few months, Prime Minister Tony Blair has told MPs. He said the 7,100 serving troops would be cut to 5,500 soon, with hopes that 500 more will leave by late summer.


gayborhood gringo said...

I'm surprised they are letting him go, but, then again, he's third in line to the throne.

Kapitano said...

There's two schools of thought. One asks "Why would the government let an obvious target for assassination and kidnapping go to Iraw?" And the other says "If he does get killed or kidnapped it's a great excuse to stay in the country and take revenge."

The cockup theory or the conspiracy theory.

As regards Blair pulling out a few hundred troops in a few years time, he's in the habit of giving himself timetables that include time to change his mind.

Terri said...

Hummm... an interesting thought....

I didn't even think of it!!

Gosh...I wish we could just get out of that hell hole!!

Red7Eric said...

I thought the same thing. God, I hope Harry doesn't get killed. It's all poor William needs, y'know? (Besides ... sssh ... Harry is super-cute! OK, back to serious dialogue.)