Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When the barn door is open

Work is picking up as we get closer to our publication date. I feel like I’m slowly sinking behind as I juggle new tasks and fail to complete my little to-do list…and this morning my boss came up and gave me a new project to start. A couple months ago I signed up for this training class that takes up 2 days a week too. Oy. What bad timing.

Yesterday morning I hit some unexpected traffic on the way in so was 10 minutes late getting into class. I hit the restroom because well coffee turns me into a funnel and I dashed into class. All the seats by the door were taken and the back was blocked so I had to walk in front of the class ducking in front of the instructor to get to my seat. I hear a little clink as I sat down and thought what’s that? I look down and I forgot to buckle my belt. Oh. My. God. The zipper would have been less noticeable. I tried to subtly buckle and gave a little ha ha what are you gonna do grin and went deep into note taking. Oy.

(I had no idea how often I said Oy before until I overhead E playing. He was trying to stack some blocks and as they tumbled over he said “Oy.” ha ha!)




Terri said...


Oh boy..
what a day you had....

Isn't it nice to come home to the loving little arms of that little boy?!

gayborhood gringo said...

oy vey! just one of those days, best to do what you did, grin and shrug it off.

Kevin Charnas said...

HHAA!! least you didn't, I don't know... fart or something.

Unfortunately, I was sitting in the back of a classroom a couple of years ago and thought that I could get away with just a little silent peep. didn't really go that way. As a matter of fact, everything in the classroom stopped...followed by bellows of laughter...which were not my own.

The Brian said...

oh now how awful, Kevin. AIIEEEE!