Friday, March 23, 2007

See it in the Boy's Eyes

Thanks to a long-ago mention by Gayborhood Gringo, I picked up a copy of Jamelia’s Thank You and Walk with Me albums. Why this woman isn’t a big hit over here is beyond me. She is a singles machine and perfect for summer time cruising. Check her out!

I’m packing up my desk as my office prepares to move. I’m purging vast quantities of paper. It’s liberating, I tell ya. Now, I only wish that I could do the same thing at home. Need to finish up a bit more packing and then I’m out of here. Thanks god it looks like we’ll have a gloriously warm weekend! Get outside and enjoy my friends!


gayborhood gringo said...

oh wow...i actually got through to someone!

i think this album was going to be her big US debut; however, it didn't do to well across the pond. i have no idea why, because, as you stated, just about every track on the album is single worthy.

One day soon, I'm sure.

The Brian said...

I always pay attention to your music posts. I think we're pretty much in sync there.