Friday, May 25, 2007

Bowling for Cheerios

Looking for outdoor games for the little boo I came across a lawn bowling set. I’m learning there are rules and there is play and the intersection of the 2 is a rare thing.

A 2-year-old’s guide to bowling:

The pins should be grouped closely together.

The pins aren’t pins. They’re maracas.

The player should tell the coach “No, Daddy, No!” several times throughout the game.

The proper distance from the maracas is 4 feet, no 2 feet, no standing on top of them.

The ball should be rolled along the grass. The ball should be thrown at the pins. The ball should be held in the hand. The player runs over to the pins and whacks them with the ball.

A typical game should last 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 30 seconds maaaybe.

The ball can be used to squash bugs.

The maracas don’t work very well.

The maracas can be used to torment the dog.

The player shall break for a booty dance at random intervals.


manxxman said...

Now you're catching on. E will no doubt have whipped you into shape by the time he's 18.......

Terri said...

Heee heeee!!

RIC said...

Great «report», Brian! Everything's fine with E! Wonderful! Enjoy playing without rules... Lol! What a delicious experience!
I wish you a marvellous weekend!

Anonymous said...