Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I do not like them in my house. I do not like them with my spouse.

So E’s party was fabulous. It turned into an all day event with family stopping by throughout the day. E was very excited about all the people and the huge amount of toys. He couldn’t even open all of them, partly because of the quantity and because he’d open one and then run around the house yelling and chasing after his cousins.

I was afraid that he would lock up during the happy birthday song but he took it all in stride and even clapped at the finale.

One of our friends gave E a collection of Dr. Seuss stories. I had good memories of them but reading them as an adult they are surprisingly annoying with the repetition and the rhyming. Maybe as a young reader, E will find them amusing but I sense that I’ll need to quietly archive those books for a while. Why does the poor guy have to try green eggs and ham? Leave him alone!

Meanwhile, he’s definitely learning how to use his No’s. He said it now and then in the past but now he wallowing in the power. No to pajamas! No to dinner! No to books! Mwahahaha! He is the King of Noville and he shall not be denied. Arguing with a 2-year-old devolves quickly into No! Yes! No! Yes! / run and / chase.


Yondalla said...

Kids love repetition and rhyming though. It's supposed to be good for learning to read. Especially the rhyming; it creates "phonemic awareness." (I may have mispelled that).

When Andrew was little though I found our copy of "Goodnight Mooon" on the top of a bookcase.
"Odd" I thought, "Andrew loves this book, and I think it is cute too." So I called him over and read it to him.

And then he wanted me to read it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.


I distracted him with lunch and tossed the book on top of the bookcase.

Red7Eric said...

Oh, I love Dr. Seuss. I don't know why, but there's something sorta subversive about it.

gayborhood gringo said...

I, too, love Dr. Suess, but, then again, I haven't read any of his material in ages. So I guess I love the memory I have of reading Dr. Suess.

My favourite, though, was Horton Hatches The Egg.

btw, glad the party went well.

TigerYogi said...

"Arguing with a 2-year-old devolves quickly into No! Yes! No! Yes! / run and / chase."

How funny! That's how Hubby and I STILL argue! ;)

g-man said...

Came here via your sister. I can totally relate, I cringe whenever my girls bring me hop on pop or green eggs and ham.

P.s. Just wait till 3 you'll miss the twos.

The Brian said...

yondalla, I hear ya. I haven't reached that point yet but Seuss may break me.

r7e, come on over next time you need fix.

GG that is a cute one. If I recall that doesn't have the same repetition as Green Eggs or Hop on Pop. I'll find out soon enough.

TY, LoL that's too funny.

Heya G-man, welcome aboard.... and you're scaring me.

Terri said...

Your sister knows G~man!!
What a small world...

I love Dr. Seuss!!!!!!!

Heather said...
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g-man said...

Actually Terri, I came from your blog. You wrote "my buddies ..." what I read was "my brother's". OOps. (Glad I came though)