Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm pretty and I have lots of money!

I wanted to share with you the Family Pride's winner of their Family Drawing Contest:

Contest Winner Picture

I love that. I can't wait til E's old enough to draw pictures like that.

I've had a busy work week so haven't had a lot of free time. Not sure how long this unfortunate streak will last.

We've had our potty lucky strike! Much fanfare was made. It was completely random but hey you've got to start somewhere.

In other news, Mary Cheney should be giving birth soon according to the December annoucement she's due in the next couple weeks. I wonder if we'll hear about it and if her Person of Same Sex Sharing Household Heather Poe will be allowed near the child.

Aaaah, I love to see republicans squirming.

Have a great weekend all.


Terri said...

Hey!! I'm a true blue republican...
I'm not squirming!

I think it's great she's having a baby :-) Good for her.

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