Friday, October 19, 2007

A Hole is to Dig

When it rains, well if it ever will rain, I'm sure it will pour. A small trickle in front of our house became a torrent of water before long. After calls to the county to come and inspect the leak and calls to various plumbers we discovered our water line needed to be replaced. < gulp and ka-ching >

On the positive side, E was thrilled with the equipment in front of our house and marvelled at the big hole in our yard. You realize how cushioned we are in our modernity when events like that take you out of your comfort zone. E was very confused when I kept all his bathwater in the tub and we stockpiled the water on the kitchen counter.

I wonder what life will be like though in another 20 years with global warming ticking away. We have another freakishly warm day here, up in the high 70s. October shouldn't be short-sleeve weather. It's unnatural.

We have been able to enjoy our porch much longer than I expected though. Eating outside is one of the finest, simplest pleasures.

Have a glass of wine, cheers!


Kevin said...

We worry about our kids' future on this planet all the time. Things just look so grim.

Ouch on that water main! That, gas lines and sewer problems are among the three worst things a homeowner could face.

Minge said...

I would love to join you in your glass of wine.

Eating outside is very special. Very special for me as Scotland seems to afford it only once a year. If I'm lucky.

André McFarlane said...

I feel like indulging in champagne. Care to join me?