Friday, October 12, 2007

I am, I am Superman.

Ah, fall is in the air finally. The nights are crisp and brilliant. I no longer have to wrestle with the comforter on or off and can snuggle in all cozy under the weight.

We did our costume shopping for Halloween. It’s so much fun watching him experience all these rituals through his new and happy eyes. It was difficult to get him to focus on the costumes with all the dancing skeletons and cackling witches. I think I er he made the right decision as he bounded across the house, leaping the ottoman in a single bound:

Up, Up, and Away!


Bacchus said...

My heart was racing. He looks very happy in the costume you er he chose. LOL At least you got to pick it out.

Going trick or treating?

japanesewhispers said...

Aw he looks so cute and like he's having so much fun in the costume. Just wait until Halloween actually comes around! May I ask how old was he when you got him? It's something my partner and I are discussing with regards to the future, about adopting a baby or toddler or older kid etc. Any advice would be great

Cooper said...
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Cooper said...

Totally adorable! My 5 year old son loves his superman cape. He would wear it 24/7 if he could. We're going to choose/make Halloween costumes this week. He wants to be either a pirate or a fireman ... :) The baby doesn't care, yet ... but I'm thinking he'd make a really cure little dinosaur.

The Brian said...

jw, E was 7 months old when he came home. Different routes that you take can bring home a child of differing ages. When you're ready you'll need to consider, age of the child, wait time, financial constraints, and household readiness as you proceed. You might want to consider some adoption readiness classes from a local agency as well. They can give you a very good general briefing about your options and the process.
Let me know if I can help out or if you have any more questions.