Friday, March 17, 2006

Feeding time

E's appetite seems to have taken off. He gobbled up his dinner last night it was kind of dramatic. I have to admit I'm not exactly sure how all this works. I'm relying on him to tell me how much to eat. The baby literature is all so vague too with ranges of eating and drinking too, I want specifics!

Also, he's hit the clothing transition stage when the old size is too tight and he's moving up to clothes that all needs to be rolled up. Some lucky baby out there is about to get a care package of outgrown clothes.


Steve S said...

oh, now the rapid succession through clothes and shoes begin. Find someone, anyone with handme downs and you will save a bundle. I get Kristin's shoes at payless for 10 dollars, it's the best deal I can find, she's outgrown them in 3-6 months and it's time for all new ones (that means tennis shoes, dress shoes, galoshes, etc.)

As for feeding time, I let Kristin dictate. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it seems to work the best. I always worried that I might overfeed otherwise. There's no need to worry about underfeeding, they will let you know if that happens.

Feeding is a struggle that I'm still going through, she likes to snack all day rather than have meals. I've heard that's not entirely bad, it's actually what our bodies are more designed for, so I don't pursue it too hard as long as I can get her to eat the right stuff (and therein lies the challenge).

The Brian said...

I have to accept some lack of control over food especially now that he's in daycare.

I'm scouring the clothing sales now. It's weird to think that everything I'm buying for this summer will be for well one summer.