Friday, March 03, 2006

My little man has a cold - his first illness. It's the dreaded daycare cold which hit almost like clockwork after enrollment. He appears to be in a pretty good despite the constantly runny nose. Actually I think it bothers me more than him since I have to practically chase him with the tissue to get at his nose. So tonight I get to clean his nose out. It's amazing how being a parent shows you how much you don't know.


Green Dads said...

He'll probably get sick fairly frequently for awhile. Our son got Strep throat the second week he was in daycare, and was sick with something new every other week for awhile. Thankfully it all slowed down after several months.

Steve S said...

Kristin's been sick about 80% of the time since last September, when preschool started. I think there's been about 30 days total when she hasn't been sick.

On a side note, I'm wondering...Kristin was never breast fed. She took to a binky for about 3 months then just rejected it.. So I got to avoid the whole weaning off of the binky phase.

I'm wondering if you will try a pacifier (or if you already are) and if the baby will take to it for more than a few months.

The Brian said...

Yeah, my sister was warning us that he'd probably be getting sick for a while. It seems to be fading fortunately, now I'm getting over the cold and my partner is fighting it off.

E's never been interested in a pacifier except when we were babysitting and the other kid had one.