Friday, March 10, 2006

I've been a bit dubious that E's babbling has meant anything but my partner insisted that he knows da-da. "Nah, he's just making noise." then he asked him "Where's daddy?" and he turned to look at me! not just once but several times.

Wow, it's just the most amazing feeling. I don't know if everyone goes through the whole attachment worries but when you're waiting for your child it's like each day is a missed opportunity. I wondered does he know I'm his dad?

So this was such a relief and a mighty pull on the heart. All is right in the world.


Steve S said...

I'm trying to remember the specifics, if these numbers aren't exact, they have to be close.

For a newborn, they recognize their primary parent within a week or two and an emotional attachment is developed within one or two months. So not only does he recognize you, he already feels for you emotionally.

Green Dads said...

You can also usually tell they recognize you and are attached to you even without saying the word daddy or papa.

One of Darius' first words was our dogs name, he didn't say daddy for proably another 6 months after that.

One funny thing to hear now is that he knows our first names. I think he just hears them so often from other adults talking to us that he is just trying them out.

The Brian said...

A bit of backstory we didn't get E until he was 6 months and some change.

Also yeah I think he' saying our dog's name too at least that's what I'll believe instead of "ma-ma."