Thursday, April 13, 2006

I don't know if this happens to everyone but I've developed this strange ability to hear phantom cries. In the background there will be this little echo of a cry that forces me to stop and strain to listen for a mewling or wail. My partner L says he does the same thing so I don't feel entirely crazy. The problem is in the middle of the night I find myself waking up thinking I hear something. Usually I can lay there for a few tics and go back to sleep but sometimes I need to get up creep into his bedroom and check on him. Logically I know there's nothing wrong but there's that little niggling that won't let go.


Steve said...

Happens all the time. You'll get used to it eventually. I always heard them in the shower. It's creepy, but you'll outgrow it.

Btw, the next stage is that you'll feel you're getting so used to it, that you are missing real cries. Don't worry; that's natural too.

You're doing awesome.

Steve S said...

oh yeah, I would always hear cries while I was watching tv at night and then go into her room to see what she wanted and she was sound asleep and not giving out so much as a peep.

For me, by the time I got used to it, was the time she outgrew crying to call for me (she began walking and could come to me). So it does eventually pass and then they just scream at you from the other room, 'hey daddy come here!'

Bacchus said...

this is the strangest sensation, I have to turn the tv off, and anything else making noise just to make sure. The first two weeks we had the baby with us, I don't know that I slept soundly. I awoke to every noise and then would go back to sleep. Living downtown San Francisco there are lots of noises. LOL

LilySea said...

When Nat was about 4 months old, I developed this so badly that I became convinced our apt was being haunted by a baby ghost who came to us because now we were parents.

I should add that sleep deprivation doesn't help at all.

The Brian said...

and of course there is the opposite phenomena of silence when your kid is playing so... "What has he gotten into now?"