Thursday, April 20, 2006


Steve over at The Hygiene Chronicles tagged me with this Six Strange Things/Facts/Habits About Me thing so next you will find my attempt to be strange, factual, and/or habitual:

1. I'm a vegetarian! What is it with this strange confluence of blogging and vegetarians? Apparently an uptick in vegetables drives people online.

2. Growing up my favorite movie was Broadcast News. I don't know why exactly. Was it Joan Cusack and her obstacle course run through the newsroom? Could be but it led me to this:

3. My first job out of college was working in a newsroom! After a year and a half and a lay-off I realized that I really didn't want to work in Broadcast journalism. The pluses are I found out what my dream job was like. Unfortunately the newsroom is filled with lots of people making very little money with lots of stress.

4. I'm addicted to reality TV. I get that some people find it horrid but I love the unscripted drama of regular people put into extraordinary circumstances. Also I think that reality TV has on average really helped gay people. It has humanized us and brought us into Joe Midwest's living room.

5. In middle school I won the County Spelling Bee! This means I'm a fantastic speller or I grew up with illiterate people, you decide.

6. At the state competition, I lost on the word thermostat. Can you believe it? It's not even a difficult word to spell. Freakin thermostat.

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