Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm feeling much better. Taking the day to rest really seemed to help. After a quick shower I'm heading out for a few last minute gifts and then some wrapping and then it'll be x-mas.

I wish we'd get some snow but it's unlikely now just some rain in the forecast. To get into the spirit here's some photos I took a couple years ago from a walk with Nemo.

Happy Holidays all! It's been a pleasure meeting all of you and thanks for stopping by my little house on the Web.


Bubala said...

Great photos of the snow and the cute doggy. I also wish it would snow. sigh!

gayborhood gringo said...

beautiful pics and a beautiful dog.

aww...i miss the snow!

Bacchus said...

Thanks for the pictures. They are great. I miss having snow this time of year. Nothing but rain here.

I always miss seeing that covering of white that makes everything look new and special.

RIC said...

Beautiful photos, Brian! Thank you!
Merry Christmas to you too!

silent songster said...

Lovely photos, Brian. May you and yours have a wonderful, joyful and a very Happy Christmas.