Thursday, December 28, 2006

baby ticker

I'm hopelessly unhip. I think the baby ticker is adorable. This may be the hormones talking.


gayborhood gringo said...

It's the hormones. ;)

Doug said...

^ Yeah, he'd know. ;)

RIC said...

Your heart is huge, Brian!
I wish you all the happiness!

Anonymous said...

Love the baby ticker! I want one!!

I found your blog on Dan's blog...
(Isn't he the most fun guy ~ I enjoy his blog and The Special Zipper blog)
I've been having fun reading other peoples blogs. (of course while my baby is napping or sleeping)
I used to live in Alexandria when I was a kid ... about a mile from Mt. Vernon... My dad used to work for the Government....I was born in Norfolk, back when Dad was in the Navy.
We sure loved it back there... the most beautiful place I've ever lived. I am in Vegas now... ugh.
Not a very beautiful place.


Minge said...

Hormones are fabulous!

Happy new year!

Dan said...

Embrace the hormones!! More kids!
And your ticker might be unhip, but who cares ;)

The Brian said...

Hi Terri, good to "meet" you.

Vegas is certainly um, colorful!