Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pa Rum Pa Pa Cough Pum

Part of the joys of family is the seasonal sharing of illnesses. E is finally getting over his bad cold and guess where it is now settling. Yes that’s right! On me!!!

I have too much to do to be sick right now. We’re having L’s family over on x-mas eve for a big gathering and we need to finish buying all the supplies for our kitchen remodel.

A large coffee or diet dr. pepper might be in order.


gayborhood gringo said...

Entertaining is never fun when you're ill. Hope you feel better soon babe!

Dan said...

Wait till you have multiple children in the house. The disease infects one, then two, then just as it leaves, it starts over in a new, fun mutated form. Ooooh joy!

Hope you all get better soon!

Dan said...
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Mark said...

Geoff's son just arrived last night at 10:30 with his 2 and 4 year old sons.......straight to bed for them, and after a 10 hour drive a beer for dad, then to bed. Ah the joy of morning (6 o'clock) to be more exact....Geoff comes into our bedroom to tell me that we are being invaded....and sure enough right behind him come the boys. Will dad did need some peace and quiet.....so we entertained....which doesn't take to much doing and although they had only met me once and this was over 8 months ago the boys seemed not have a bother on them.

Christmas time is for children....it brings back the child in us.

Have a good one....and give the rug rat a hug from all of us.

Merry Christmas

Red7Eric said...

Airborne, baby. Go to the pharmacy NOW, and take one a day. The duration of your cold will be decreased drastically.

I don't know if it's alright for kids, but you should start taking it as soon as the lil' one lets loose his first sneeze.

RIC said...

Wish you a quick recovery, Brian! Around here almost everyone has got a cold... I hope E is fine now!
Are his presents taken care of? I do hope so! It's such a joy to watch children's bright eyes when they «discover» their presents!
Merry Christmas to you all!

The Brian said...

Thanks all, I'm feeling better already. Good thing too. I'm off today and going to pick up something (don't know what yet) for the kids and teachers at E's daycare.