Friday, December 08, 2006

We're here. We're queer. We're a little confused.

Our old house was in the Stanton Park neighborhood of DC a few blocks from Union Station and the Capitol building. Stanton Park is a wonderful neighborhood full of staffers and various association and think tank workers. Most days you’ll find dogs and their owners romping about. The playground fills to capacity on warm days. It represents the best of city living, getting out, meeting people, hanging with friends.

The proximity to the Mall and public transportation meant that it was often a staging ground and meeting point for groups ready to march on the greatest public space in the nation. It’s fascinating to watch events like the protestors gathering for the World Bank meetings. The uniformity of the noncomformists is always good for a chuckle.

One day I was out walking the dog with E in the stroller in front of me and I spied large crowds of bland suburban white women and children heading towards buses ringing the park. The various Choose Life and Murder signs were dragging on the ground by the Jesus pre-teens. Two women were talking animatedly while a swarm of 10-12 kids ran ahead, pushing, shoving, and yelling along the sidewalk. A couple of the kids darted into the intersection against the greenlight as the Moms kept chattering away. The car had to brake to avoid them. Finally one of the Moms looked up to yell at the kid to come back. There were kids everywhere.

It struck me how forcefully these parents are interjecting their children into this debate. I’m pro-choice but certainly would encourage families to put children up for adoption if they find themselves unable to care for them. I wondered though how many of these people would preach against my parenting and starting a family. Where will I go on these topics when E comes to me. How do you guide a child to make his own decision but also convey your own moral code? E’s already attended a Pride Fair and various hippie causes so choices have been made. Bottom line is I do want a free thinker. I have family members who fall back on the “It’s their decision.” When it comes to raising their kids. I want it to be their decision but I also want them to know why they’ve made the decision and how they got there. Yeesh, it is much easier to simply tell a kid what he should think.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the Christian suburb Moms think they have their life, their kids life, their friends life and your life figured out? I agree with you. I encourage free thinking in my children also and I also teach them to think on their own. It's important and in the long run, they will be better off than the kids who don't know what to believe because someone isn't telling them what to think.
-signed blacksweater00

Yondalla said...

I was going to leave a comment, and then Blogger wouldn't let me in, so I wrote a post!

The Brian said...

The blogger comment eating is frustrating. I usually save my comments before posting just to be safe.

hi blacksweater, I agree.

BriteYellowGun said...

Our kids had so much baggage to deal with when we first got them that we decided early on that we would NOT subject them to any religious nonsense. Yes, that is OUR opinion but two of the four kids had been forced to attend a "Hell and Damnation" Baptist church in NC and were actually afraid of the place! We've been asked religiously oriented questions by the kids on occasion but they don't understand much of it at this point so we just give basic answers. Organized religion is such a poisoning of the mind these days that I will be more than happy to keep them out of any of that culty stuff. Yeah...sometimes you have to make the decisions for them I guess.

Erika said...

once a woman becomes pregant there is no best choice. youve got 3 options. All of which carry life long consequences. ppl who have abortions are traumatized by it. B-mothers spend years with unresolved chronic grief. and raising a child brings its own joys and sorrows.
Personally, i dont give a crap which way u swing, I care about women being supported to do what is in the best interests of themselves and the baby (if and when it comes).

The Brian said...

Erika, I hear you and agree.