Thursday, July 20, 2006

Let's go outside in the sunshine

I’m largely against the practice of outing and I’ll you why. In my view an enthusiastic self-realized person is a much better representative than the one who is forced out via SCANDAL.

Stories like this:

“ Darren Hayes of the defunct Australian pop duo Savage Garden says he is finally "secure and content" -- and married.
Hayes broke the news this week in an entry on his Web site that began, "I very rarely make comments about my private life."
He then announced that he had married his boyfriend of two years, Richard Cullen, in a civil partnership ceremony June 19 in London.
The 34-year-old singer-songwriter said it was the most significant event of his life.” (AP)

are the perfect grand entrance into shiny happy culture.

Meanwhile Lance Bass is spotted skulking about Provincetown with Amazing Race pin-up Reichen Lehmkuhl. Lance, what are you waiting for? Your Boy Band days are over, your acting career is but a distant dream, come out and enjoy yourself. Your only shot at public notoriety is as one of Kathy Griffin’s gays.

My big exception to the outing rule is politicians . If you work to legislate or advocate against my family and myself while you are manhunting then your name should be right there in the Washington Post, Blade and Daily Shopper. Being a politician is more than a job and you are held to a higher standard of hypocrisy.

The fuzzy area comes to journalists. If you want to remain detached from your coverage and hide under a professional personal ethical code than I’m pretty much ok with that. However when you begin to freely talk about all other aspects of your life it becomes a bit suspicious when you become mum about something terribly important to many of us. So pick a stance young journalist. Either you are in the closet or you are simply journalist and media personality doing your job and doing it well.


Steve said...

Is it wrong that I totally find James McGreevey hot!

Minge said...

Totally agree with you on every point. Well said.

Why aren't you running for congress?

And is it true that there are certain elections in the USA where DC residents cannot vote? Is this for real? If so, why?

The Brian said...

It is true that DC residents don't have real congressional representation. (There is a shadow rep who basically can complain in Congress.)

The constition set up special provisions for DC residents. The thinking was upon the founding of our country a concentrated group of federal workers might have undue influence on the federal government. This reasoning has long since stopped having any meaning as our country has grown.

The city fails to gain power because it would be a guaranteed democratic seat. In the last presidential race (dc does get that vote) the District 92% for Kerry, the largest percentage in the entire US.)

The Brian said...

Steve was it the revelation of his NJ turnpike romps?

BriteYellowGun said...

I guess it's such a non-issue for me that I'm surprised there are still people out there hiding themselves away.'s a personal decision that only that person could and should make.

buff said...

I tend to agree with other commenters. But Lance is harmless. He wasn't a closet queen set to destroy almost everyone in his path. So I commend Lance and Reichen. The new gay duo and poster boys for gay marriage.