Friday, July 21, 2006

The Rice is done. Ding!

(Reuters) U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will leave for the Middle East on Sunday and begin a round of visits there on Monday to seek to reduce fighting between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, diplomats said.

Well I'm glad she was able to clear her schedule for this little distraction. It's not like it's her job or anything. Madeline Albright would have been there within 48 hours. Rice apparently has the highest approval rating of his cabinet but I guess the job performance bar is set pretty low with this group.


Tay Hota said...

i thought you said you were in the south. DC?

The Brian said...

I grew up in the south, I'm currently in DC (well a suburb technically).

Minge said...

If only Gore had won that bloody election! Oh, hang on, he did.

I say bring democracy to the USA! The USA should invade it and scalp the dictator who has started wars in so many other countries and killed thusands of civilians.

Oh, the irony. If only it were funny.

RIC said...

Fabulous humour! Moreover it's coming from the «nevralgic point» itself... Anyway, I want to thank for your help! You mentioned in two lines all my ilustrous neighbours: Belem Tower (on my right), Discoveries Monument, by the river (more or less in front of me) and, by the way, on my left the Jeronymus' Monastery... Ain't I lucky or what?
Once again, thanks a lot! :-)

The Brian said...

Ric, I loved Lisbon. We started our last European holiday there and then headed to Spain. It's such a beautiful, dreamy city.

RIC said...

... I feel flattered... Thank you very much! I do love it myself too very much. In Portugal I wouldn't live anywhere else.