Friday, July 28, 2006

The temperature of guilt

E was up coughing a few times last night. He had a slight fever but there was no temperature this morning. He was grouchy but seemed to perk up as he woke up and the morning progressed.

So we faced that horrible sick child dilemma weighing how sick was he versus using sick leave. I’m going to pick up at lunch I think. Oh the guilt.

In other news we finally have an offer on our old house. Pray for me that nothing falls through before settlement.


Steve said...

Congrats on the offer. Even better luck with the fever.

Have a good weekend!

alessandro said...

awww. what a good dad. :)

Green Dads said...

Good Luck on the offer.
Our first offer fell through and we had to close on the sale of our old house before we could close on the purchase of our new house. It was an interesting time.

Minge said...

Good Daddy!

Praying for your sale...!