Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let's take a ride and run with the dog tonight

I’m still adjusting to the quiet and darkness of Suburbia. It’s strange after living in Dupont Circle and then a few blocks from the Capitol building how you get used to the regular hum of activity, lights, and noise. In the evenings after the lights are turned off it is truly dark. It’s strange too how the noise doesn’t carry, absorbed by the trees.

Lawn care is big in the burbs. The suburbizens leave for the city and a small Hispanic army descends on the yards to mow and trim and neaten up. Every yard seems to be cared for by proxy. I’ve never owned a lawnmower so I admit we used a lawn care service too. I feel guilty whenever I’ve used this type of help…. it seems wildly decadent. I didn’t know it at the time but growing up my family was extremely poor. After my parents’ divorce, we even lived in public housing with food stamps and assistance programs to help. So if it’s something I can do myself I feel obligated not to spend the money. When I look at the budget I know we’re doing well but I have this back-of-mind feeling that it could all go away.

Aaaaanyway, I did make an important purchase after looking at the lawn mowers. You gotta have an Elmo sprinkler. Enjoy, little boo:


DEREK said...

so cute! He's such a cute little man.

The lawn looks great!

Minge said...

Love your Pet Shop Boys reference!

Moncrief Speaks said...

What a big, beautiful yard!

And E is walking!

The Brian said...

E's been walking for about 3 months now! It's madness.

The yard is awesome. That picture was actually taken about halfway up. It goes behind me about the same distance.

Steve said...

OMG, we meet E. How wonderful.

OK, Elmo sprinkler? When are you inviting us over to see the place? You know, we're just going to have to start knocking on doors looking for the cute kid in diapers.

The Brian said...

We'll definitely need to get together soon Steve. You may need some time to rest up from that exhausting vacation though. : )

Saucy Love said...

How did you get my baby picture and place it in your backyard?
Seriosuly he is super cute.

BriteYellowGun said...

I understand completely about "doing it yourself"! And I'm here to tell you as living proof that it all CAN go away very easily. My spouse, the main bread winner, was let go due to downsizing back in April. We're living on hope at this point. Beautiful yard and especially that hydrangea!