Friday, January 19, 2007

and you see your gypsy

I am a vagabond, forced to wander the streets of DC begging for entertainment. Without a home or a place to call my own I move through the city alone and cold. (OK, it’s because the contractors are still in the house and it feels awkward to ask them to keep it down in there while I’m trying to watch TV. Still, it's tragic and moving no?)

I’m just answering a few emails here at the local cafĂ© before I head out into the winter. So dear reader if you see a forlorn individual standing behind a news anchor, think of me.

What movie to see today….


Minge said...

What film to watch? How about "The spy who came in from the cold"?

Terri said...

What about Charlotte's Web???
I hear that it's awesome!
My grown son and his partner went to see and they loved it. :-)

RIC said...

Oh Brian!... Contractors and repairers at home... Tell me all about it!
I almost went crazy!...
Wish you the best! :-)

Minge said...

I bet you love those men and their helmets.

Red7Eric said...

And ... what movie did you decide upon?

The Brian said...

I saw Pan's Labyrinth. First Children of Men now Pan, I really need a comedy, methinks.

Still no internet connection at the house. sigh.

Mark said...

The last contractor we had in the house came in last March and was SUPPOSE to be finished by the beginning of May. We finally kicked him out in September.....they take too many jobs on at once and spread themselves toooooooo thin.

Just watched Kinky Boots (from Netflixs) was wonderfully English and very amusing.

What about the job search, is that still going on?

gayborhood gringo said...

You want comedy, eh? Go see 'Notes On A Scandal'. We laughed our asses off! I know it isn't billed as a comedy, but I think you have to be a gay man in order to enjoy some of the elements.

btw, what did you think of Pan's Labyrinth? I've seen it twice, so you know I adore.

Also, thanks for recommending Children.... I watched it and was moved. A beautiful and engaging film.

The Brian said...

I haven't seen Kinky Boots yet. I'll have to put it on the list.

Job search is picking back up. I'm a bit constrained because of daycare and some other issues so I suspect it will take some time.

GG, I did like Pan. It was very intense but wonderful. I really liked Devil's Backbone and Hellboy so I knew it would be good. I don't know that I would recommend to everyone but I liked it a lot.

Red7Eric said...

Very tragic. Very moving. Perhaps your next musical should be Les Miserables. You'd relate.

The Brian said...

I've seen Les Mis!

It's a little dark isn't it?