Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I happily trotted home on Friday only to realize that gasp we are rewiring the bedrooms. So, the cable that provided the internets to the office has vanished. I was able to check some emails thanks to my handy-dandy wonderphone the treo 650 but mostly we were on electronic blackout.

The worse thing about remodeling is the feeling of restlessness. Usually one retires to a home for rest and relaxation. I come home and wonder what new hole or dirt pile will be waiting for me. The contractors left 2 large holes in the kitchen wall and the cold is pouring in. I tried to tape the plastic up as best I could but still it rattles away in the wind. (By the way if you need to distract a toddler for a few minutes a piece of scotch tape is an excellent resource.)


I was off work yesterday and ended up at the theaters and to watch Children of Men. I thought it was amazing. I’m still processing all of it. The camera work and cinematography are stunning. It hurtles along with tension upon tension multiplying to an almost unbearable limit. I bought the book some 10 years ago and put off reading it… now may be the time to pick it up again. Go see it!


gayborhood gringo said...

I can't wait to see Children Of Men. I'll be going on Friday, as I have it off.

How long are the home improvements supposed to take?

The Brian said...

They're saying 2 weeks so I'm guessing 4.