Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pop goes the world!

American Idol is like this pop-tart I’m eating for breakfast. I know I probably shouldn’t have it and there are any number of healthier items I could be eating but I’m enjoying the sugary, artificial goodness of the tart de pop. The artificial wood of my desk probably has more nutritional value.

The humiliation rounds of the early part of the season are my least favorite. Do these kids deserve the judge’s scorn even though they ask to be evaluated and for many the goal is simply to BE FAMOUS. As a parent I admit I tut-tutted the parents who comforted their sobbing boy as he wailed about his need to BE FAMOUS! I probably would have done the same thing at that moment but did they warn him that his singing, dancing, juggling ability was more hobby than vocation. I hope they sat him down to talk about the reality based community and where he might fit in.

I wish they would raise the age limit. What kind of psychological damage are they doing to these kids? I feel sorry for the misfits too. They try to be different and push the boundaries but they’re all just grease in the AI machine.

My pop-tart is done but my stomach feels a little upset. I know I'll still crave that sucker next time I see it.


Terri said...

Mike and I feel the same way about "Idol" ... we think it sets a poor example for our kids by being so mean to them ... and humiliating them.

NOW, DANCING WITH THE STARS, that's a different story... I'm an addict!

Steve S said...

I love American Idol. I agree it can be mean, but I remain clueless as to how some people don't know what they are walking into.

I already know I sing like a possum being run over (repeatedly), why do these people not know how bad they are? I suspect a lot do, and know they can never be an American Idol, but they can still get on tv by being horrible, and so they choose that route.

Then there are others, like the boy you are talking about, who, when he stormed out and started crying about needing fame, Toney just said, "There's a boy with issues".

It's sad, but you do know where the blame for that ultimately goes back to. We need to encourage our children, but we also need them to realize life is full of wins and losses and how to deal with those losses.

Mark said...

I love American Idol.....unfortunately Geoff hates it.....with more passion than football.......what's a guy to do. If I have it on in the bedroom he won't snuggle up with me.

Any suggestions?

Red7Eric said...

I cast no aspersions against Idol or its fans, but I just can't watch it. Even in a fictional program, when someone stands on a stage and sings badly for comic effect, I start squirming -- and if it goes on for too long, I have to bolt from the room. That scene from My Best Friend's Wedding almost killed me.

I'm sticking with Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, and Heroes for the time being.

Terri said...

TIVO it in the living room and watch later!!!!!!!!!!!

Minge said...

I think that you should enter, Brian.

The Brian said...

Mark, yeah you're going to have to fly solo it sounds like. AI is not something you could grow to love I fear.

Minge, har. I have enough public humiliation on a day to day basis without broadcasting it.

BriteYellowGun said...

Yeah, it seems like they are trying to be purposefully mean to these kids just for the sake of ratings and entertaining the evil audience at home. Americans love to see someone else torn down everytime. Why is that?

Nevertheless, I've been watching (mainly because nothing else seems to be on) and was delighted to discover that Seattle has now replaced my beloved Cleveland as home to the ugliest people in the country!

gayborhood gringo said...

I can't sit through 'Idol' until they narrow it down to the 12 or so finalists. The bad people are too bad. So I wait until the most talented emerge.

By now, the people who apply to the show KNOW what they are getting themselves into.

I've never understand why some "hopefuls" get so upset when the judges don't like them. I especially hate when they say, "where do you get off judging me? what do you know?" or something along those lines. The fact is that they have ASKED to be judged. The ones that throw the biggest fits are just performing in hopes that they'll be on television (or invited to the finale for one of those ridiculous awards they were handing out at the last one).