Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don't leave me licking on the telephone

There’s been much ado in DC blogland about Blowoff and the Men in Beards and Leather gathering, check out various links over there to learn more.

Warning! Parental and general complaining to follow!

Meanwhile the turtle’s household was struck by a mysterious illness. We’d all been fighting something off last week and then Sunday after church E’s fever appeared after his afternoon nap. Now, I don’t want to blame anyone but it may have been caused in part by when I picked him up from the daycare he was practicing his decidedly unhygienic proclivities. He was showing me the various toy phones they have, picking one up, saying “Hello” and then I catch him licking the receiver. Argh! And Blech! What new disgusting horror awaits? Couple that with the piece of drywall I picked from his mouth Saturday and it’s no wonder he fell ill.

I’m quite proud that my usual fever hysterics were minimal and I took the lack of sleep and crabbiness in stride. His fever broke yesterday morning and then this energetic banshee struck. The cute and helpful child who asked for a tissue when his nose was running now asked for a tissue and then raced away as I approached him. I was forced to set up tissue traps of nonchalance as I waited for the snotty nose to wander by so I could pounce on it.

There was some work done on the kitchen, I saw the men in there but what they accomplished I’m not quite sure except that the microwave wasn’t working last night. The large holes in the kitchen wall were kind of pleasant during another 60plus weekend but the forecast tonight calls for lows in the 20s.

****** Complaining over *******

The windows looking out on the backyard are going to be lovely. The painting was finished upstairs so it looks like we’ll be able to move back into the bedroom soon.

Democrats still control Congress.

Patty Griffin and Tracey Thorn have new albums coming out.

I lost a bit of weight but it may have been drywall dust shaking loose during my workout.



Terri said...

Oh the joys of babyhood ...
Matthew had a fever on Friday/Saturday also ... weird... no real boogies to speak of though ... but these kiddos sure are cranky when they have fevers, huh!! Needless to say I was up all night, which makes me cranky.

glad all is better now..

Try to stay warm back there!!


Mike said...

God bless you for taking that child under your wing. That's really awesome...he's a lucky kid.

gayborhood gringo said...

Sorry the baby is sick, but glad construction on your house are progressive (even if slowly).

Red7Eric said...

Did you say Tracy Thorn ... ?

LOVE. HER. (Is Ben okay, health-wise, I wonder?)

The Brian said...

Terri, I'm trying. There's only one hole left in the kitchen so things are progressing.

Mike, I'm the lucky one.

GG, yeah its coming along. One more week and the bedrooms should be finished (crossed fingers)

Eric, I have Tracy's single on mp3 if you want it shoot me an email at dcrunner at yahoo.com. B

The Brian said...

oh and last I heard Ben Watt was fine. He seems to have recovered.