Thursday, November 16, 2006

the cold November rain

I am feeling the weather today. It is dark and gloomy with vast stretches of rain. We are currently under a tornado watch which in this area is a rare thing and even rarer for November. Which came first the weather or my mood? Whatever it is has left me uneasy.

It’s the perfect weather for crawling up under a blanket and watching a movie. I can’t wait til E can be still long enough to watch something. Per the pediatricians advice we’ve cut off the tv during his waking hours so I’m not exactly sure when that will be.

The renovations have been delayed til after Xmas which is good because it won’t interfere with xmas but on the other hand I’d like to just get the pain over with.

Thanksgiving has been a moving and now it seems we’ll be spending it with L’s sister’s family out in the hinterlands of Virginia. I’m really not looking forward to it. I’m a worrier by trade and part of me fears for something happening to us while we’re in VA. I construct elaborate scenarios of not being able to see L in his hospital bed or my relationship to E being challenged. It’s not always healthy of me I know.

Me, I’m looking forward to Xmas this year. It’ll be the first one in our new house and I think E will get it this time. He was just a happy blob last December. I know where the tree will go and I’ve already put my request in for an xbox 360. (I shun practical presents.)

Hopefully this rain will be ending soon and yeah I’m even trilled at the idea of our first snow… E’s first snow. I can’t wait.


Red7Eric said...

Let 'em try to challenge your relationship to E. When first presented with all these new scary people, they'll see who E decides to cling to. That'll show 'em.

(We hate scary, mean people.)

BriteYellowGun said...

Why the scary thoughts? Although to a certain degree I understand I guess. When my R was traveling back and forth to China and Hong Kong, I would have those moments where I'd think "What if the plane crashed?" I think it's normal in any long term relationship though.

As for the weather, particularly the rain...I've had a lot of adjusting to do since we came back to OH. It has been rainy and cloudy here since Mid-Oct., I swear I'm not exaggerating either. But that's just the way it always is here. We make up for it with glorious summers.