Friday, November 17, 2006

The power of Yes

Can I just share with you for a moment and wonderful and beautiful the word Yes is. It’s affirmation. It’s joy. It’s knowing that you are providing. E started saying yes about three weeks ago and now he’s to the point that he’s using it correctly with near 100% accuracy. His S tends to come out like a slow leak so Yes and Bus have a little party at the end. Yessssssss and Bussssssss.

The first time he answered me was a shock. “Do you want a drink?”


Wow! Holy cow. We’re talking.

My co-workers probably think I’m insane when they hear me respond to their questions with a Yesssss. It is more fun to say it that way. Try it out. I’ll wait.


See what did I tell you? I bet that explains that whole rolling R thing in Spanish.

We’re toying with the idea of trying the Happy Feet movie. It would be our first venture into a theater. Hopefully it will be a successsssss.


Moncrief Speaks said...

That reminds me of how Borat says some words: "Great successsss!"

Steve said...

That's awesome. Congratulationssssss!

Dan said...

Aww blessssss him :)

And movies theatres (aka, the cinema over here!) are always hit and miss with little kids. The dark can freak them out, the loud sounds can freak them out, then there's the getting-bored-and-playing-up as well.

Good luck :D

Doug said...

Chucklin' here, imaginin' a grown man say "yesss" like a baby w/ drool wadding out his mouth.

RIC said...

I guesss I misss that «sss», but if you compare it with the Spanish «rrr», then I think I know what you mean, Brian.
I just love kids at that age, when any dialogue is an adventure...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Red7Eric said...

I used to take the godson to the movies all the time when he was less than six months old. Between the darkness and the noise, he'd be out like a light within ten minutes, and his mom and I could actually get through a movie!

Congrats on the talking thing. I love babies and everything, but I was so eager for my nieces and nephews to get to the age when they could converse with me. As fun as it is to snuggle with an infant, it's infinitely more wonderful to actually get to know these little people. Congratsssss!

Moncrief Speaks said...

Hey. Article in today's NYT of potential interest to you:

The Brian said...

We didn't have time to do the movie thing. Hopefully soon. I'm not expecting to be able to watch much of it, but I'm hopeful.

Thanks M for the article link, I'll check it out.

Mark said...

First movie I took my son to was when he was 3. We went and saw one of those Herbie movies. They had a short on before the movie about sea otters. When Herbie started Brian said "ok daddy I'm ready to go home now"

All and all it was a great success, but age has a lot to do with it.